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One million reasons Torq is excited about 2023

Jeremy Noonan  |  September 29, 2022  |  Reading Time: mins

Torq commits $1M internal investment over fiscal 2023 to support growth of Pimcore service offering.

After two weeks of travel I find myself sitting in the Salzburg airport with a refined vision for Torq. While I was able to sneak in a few days of sight-seeing, the primary motivation for the trip was to attend the Pimcore Mountain Summit in Zistelalm, Austria. The chance to meet and network with dozens of other Pimcore Partners and the Pimcore team itself allowed for the planning we have been doing for the last twelve months to crystallize into concrete actions we will be implementing over the next twelve.

One of the major announcements at the Mountain Summit is that Pimcore is committing $1M into their Partner Promotion fund. As a Pimcore Partner this is very exciting news, and we look forward to their investments growing the Pimcore market share globally. Inspired by this investment by Pimcore, Torq is investing $1M into internal strategic projects that will benefit our clients, the Pimcore community, and our growing team. Over the coming months we will be releasing more details on each of these projects, but here is a small preview of some of the initiatives:

MoreCore: MoreCore is the codename of a suite of Pimcore Bundles we've been developing at Torq that bring extended functionality to Pimcore. Some of the features we are revealing at this time are:

  • Data Analysis Reports - Quickly analyze all your Pimcore Data and generate reports on which pieces of your data have quality issues or are complete.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Torq has a team of Azure Certified Developers integrating Pimcore with Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services. We're using these services to enhance Pimcore with some cool features including image analysis, taxonomy generation and content sentiment analysis. We're also performing experiments to enhance Pimcore's already feature rich Customer Management Framework with Microsoft's AI Personalizer.
  • Easy Imports - Pimcore has an excellent Data Importer plugin for the Datahub, though it does require a certain amount of technical savviness. We're creating a simplified interface to allow business users to maintain data using a intuiative web interface.

Built In Classes and Attributes: We've built numerous data models on Pimcore, often for retail products. We believe there is enough common requirements for these data models that we can build some baseline standards that will be available to our clients and the Pimcore marketplace. We are researching industry standards and referencing sources such as GS1, Amazon, and Channel Advisor to standardize attributes for different industry segments. Through this offering we want to make available a number of boxed definitions:

  • Product Classes
  • Taxonomy Classes
  • Taxonomy Definitions for common industry segments
  • Object Bricks for common industry segments

Web Presence and Content: Torq will be launching a new website in early 2023 that will better communicate our service offering to the market. We are committing to regularly publishing new blog posts, case studies, and informative content to provide relevant information about Torq and what we can offer - and we're going to do this using the best multi channel publishing tool in the marketplace: Pimcore.

We are excited to embark on these internal projects and to share the outputs with our clients and the wider Pimcore community. Stay tuned for updates on our $1M investment!

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