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Experience smooth integration with our Shopify Store Syndicator

Selling your products online is important. But ensuring that your users' experience is seamlessly integrated with other key business systems is even more important. Torq can help you organize your e-Commerce platform so that it's intelligently integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM), order fulfillment, accounting, and marketing platforms.

Our goal is to create a unified and efficient ecosystem that supports end-to-end ecommerce operations.

Pimcore Store Exporter Bundle

Shopify is the world’s leading e-commerce platform. Many of our clients use it for handling their online product inventory, storefront, payments and shipping, but still wish to use Pimcore as their master product information system. This presents a problem – how do we ensure that the master product information stored in Pimcore is kept in sync with the corresponding catalogue data in Shopify? 

Torq has created a bundle that will seamlessly synchronize Pimcore product data with Shopify data. This will allow Pimcore to remain as the master database for product information, while Shopify can continue to perform its duty as an excellent e-commerce platform.  

Shopify uses a GraphQL API for updating products. Our bundle requires the user to set a few configuration options, namely which Pimcore fields to map to which Shopify fields, then uses this API to push updates to Shopify. 

As of now, the bundle requires a manual intervention to synchronize, but in the future we plan to implement an automated sync that will sync the information back-and-forth. 

As there is high potential for clients needing to synchronize with other e-commerce platforms, we named this bundle the Store Syndicator.

TORQ’s Store Syndicator

Benefits of the Store Syndicator


Streamlined operations

Enhanced customer experience

Improved inventory management


Efficient order processing

Centralized customer data

Consistency of data across platforms

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